Where can I find the oAuth access tokens?

Twitter uses oAuth access tokens to verify the user that is fetching the data. In order to get your own tokens, you would have to create a twitter app on https://apps.twitter.com/ after which you will be provided with the app’s oAuth credentials that are needed for Twitter Feed.

Is it possible to use the plugin without using shortcodes?

Since version 1.43, Twitter Feed comes with a PHP based API that allows you to fetch tweets anywhere without having to use shortcodes. The API can be found undercore/functions.php

Why do I need to enable caching?

Twitter Feed makes a request to the Twitter API every time someone views a page in your blog. This creates a problem since Twitter imposes a limit of 180 requests per hour. exceeding the limit would prevent you from making new requests until the clock is reset. The caching system allows you to fetch the data locally, which not only will prevent you from exceeding the rate limits, but is also much faster than making a request to Twitter.

Where can I update the settings? / I can’t find the plugin settings

In order to update the settings of the widget, you’ll need to login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Twitter Feed where you will find a complete options page for the plugin.

Is possible to show multiple hashtags?

Since version 1.1, Twitter Feed supports making queries using the new Twitter search engine. Everything that is possible through the search engine is possible through Twitter Feed. For example, you can display all the tweets that contain the #jazz and the #guitar hashtags by specifying the search query #jazz AND #guitar

in the query input field.

I’m getting a “Bad Authentication Data (code 215)” error, what should I do?

Error 215 means that Twitter.com is unable to authenticate your tokens. Verify that you copied the tokens to the right place, or otherwise try to regenerate them.
For more info about error codes, see Error Codes & Responses.

I’m getting a “Could not authenticate you. (error code: 32)” error, what should I do?

This error is similar in nature to the one above, and so are the steps to resolve it.

I’m getting a “Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate” error, what should I do?

Twitter Feed uses cURL to connect to the Twitter API. If you are getting this error message, it means that cURL is unable to verify the certificate provided by the server. You need to find your CA certificate and point cURL at it. More information here: curl-60-ssl-certificate-unable-to-get-local-issuer-certificate and https-and-ssl3-get-server-certificatecertificate-verify-failed-ca-is-ok

My search query returns too few results, or no results at all

According to Twitter’s API documentation – “The Twitter Search API searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days.” These means that it will most likely return fewer results than a similar search conducted on Twitter.com. Additionally, it is important to note that “the Search API is focused on relevance and not completeness. This means that some Tweets and users may be missing from search results.”

You can read more about the search API and the query syntax in The Search API.

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