This plugin provides a simple user interface with a code editor to edit your local .inisettings. This can be used to change settings like upload_max_filesize ormax_execution_time which are often set to very low values by the hosting companies. Clicking on “Save Settings” creates 3 files: .user.ini, php.ini andphp5.ini and saves your settings asynchronously without reloading the page.

The plugin also features a table containing a list of all the core PHP settings and their active values. Settings that are successfully overridden become highlighted in the table. Additionally, you can click on any one of the settings in the table to automatically copy it to the editor. This makes it extremely easy to add or remove directives in a local .inifile.


  • Code editor with syntax highlighting
  • A table showing all PHP core settings and their values
  • Settings that are locally overridden become highlighted in the table
  • Save the settings to local .ini files asynchronously (no page reload)
  • Delete local .ini files created by the plugin
  • Click on any setting field in the table to automatically copy it to the editor
  • Refresh the PHP settings table asynchronously (no page reload)

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