Integrated Code Editor

Inserting and editing code is extremely simple and convenient using the integrated code editor. You can see how the code is highlighted and detect errors live in the visual editor.

Code Placholders

Editing and removing existing code is very convenient in the visual editor. Clicking on any code snippet brings up a floating bar with editing and deleting options.

Meta Header

You can choose to show a header bar for code snippets that have certain number of lines (that number can also be controlled). The bar shows the language name, total number of lines and buttons for code manipulation.

Admin Page

Plugin Settings and visual appearance can be easily controlled through the Mivhak’s administration panel. There, you can choose a skin (and see how it looks in real time) and auto assign syntax highlighting by tag name.


  • Lightweight – Minified CSS & JS
  • Supports 100+ languages
  • 7 Different Skins
  • Live Syntax Highlighting
  • Live Error Checking
  • Integrated Code Editor
  • Auto Highlighting by Tag Name
  • Visual Editor Placeholders
  • Easy-to-use control panel


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