1.1.0 (7/11/2016)

  • NEW Added support for button types
  • NEW Added 4 new buttons types: primary, secondary, positive, negative
  • NEW Brand new design that follows current deign trends
  • NEW Add 7 new icons: check, exclamation, info, times, question, pencil, key
  • IMPROVED CSS backward compatibility
  • IMPROVED Removed font-awesome dependency in favor of using inline base64 SVGs
  • IMPROVED Removed jQuery UI dependency and added a built-in dragging functionality instead

1.0.3 (12/12/2015)

  • FIX Clearing previously generated delayed close
  • FIX Background color updates when switching between dialog boxes
  • FIX Background blur filter slowness
  • FIX Progressbar CSS issue in FireFox

1.0.2 (12/3/2015)

  • IMPROVED Animation duration can now be set programmatically without changing the CSS
  • IMPROVED Decreased script size by ~10%
  • IMPROVED Draggable dialog boxes can only be dragged by their top bar
  • IMPROVED First focusable element will be automatically focused
  • IMPROVED TAB key can be used to navigate between focusable elements without leaving the dialog box
  • UPDATE Prompts can have multiple inputs
  • UPDATE Click events can access the calling dialog box's configuration settings via the this variable
  • UPDATE Active dialog box will remain opened unless a boolean value of true is returned from a click event
  • NEW options: onOpen, onClose, delayedClose
  • NEW Dialog box type: progress bar
  • NEW Migrated to jQuery & jQuery UI

1.0.1 (8/18/2015)

  • NEW New demos
  • NEW New option that gives control over the background color. Preset templates have been updated with new colors.
  • NEW Shake animation when clicking on background (if background termination is not allowed)
  • UPDATE function names and code readability

1.0.0 (8/16/2015)

  • Initial release

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